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Starbox Architecture is a premier architecture firm in Launceston. We provide multidisciplinary architecture design services to help you throughout the design process of your project, and our architects work closely with you to bring about the unique vision you have for your project.


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Our work focuses on beautiful buildings that enrich the lives of the occupants by being both practical and aesthetically pleasing. We believe that true architecture design should be functional and beautiful and that neglecting one or the other leaves your building lacking.


We also use sustainable design principles throughout our process to ensure that your design has minimal impact on the world around us. We don’t only focus on using environmentally friendly materials—we also strive to integrate our buildings into the surrounding environment in a safe and sustainable way.


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As a boutique architecture firm, we build not only buildings but also relationships. We strive to create spaces together with you by collaborating throughout the design process. We share and discuss ideas with you from the beginning to develop a stunning and sustainable design.


Our team invests time and thought into your project to bring about the best result. We know that the best outcome depends on our collaboration, and we do all our work with that commitment in mind.


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